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Join peaksaver; reduce the province's demand for electricity, help your community and our environment!peaksaver

During hot summer weekdays, when air conditioners are running at their maximum, the demand for electricity is at its highest. These times are known as ‘peak demand’. If you have a central air conditioner (CAC), you can help the province to manage this peak demand by enrolling in peaksaver®.

Enrolling is easy and it’s free! Your participating electric utility will install the necessary device (either a thermostat or switch) enabling your CAC to receive a signal that will cycle it down which may increase your home’s temperature by only 1°or 2° C for short periods of time. The adjustment will only occur during week days (never on weekends or holidays), most likely between 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. And you can always opt out.

This won’t compromise your control or the comfort of your home. By participating in peaksaver you are joining tens of thousands of Ontarians who are taking action to help lessen the strain on the electricity system and in turn, helping the environment.

peaksaver highlights:
  • Your home’s comfort is important. Your electric utility would only activate peaksaver for short periods of time on weekdays (Monday through Friday) and never on weekends or holidays.
  • Your're always in control. If you are planning a special event at home, you can let your electric utility know in advance so that you can opt out for that particular time.
  • Your efforts are appreciated. As a ‘thank you’ for enrolling in peaksaver you will receive $25.

    To find out about demand response for business visit:

    Small business - click here.

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    HOW peaksaver WORKS

Important safety notice

Seven local distribution companies have issued a safety alert to their customers about a type of thermostat that has been used in the peaksaver program.

The thermostat involved is made by White-Rodgers and is model no. 1F88.  The name is located on the front of the unit, and the model number can be found can be found on the inside of the unit once the cover is removed.

The safety issue has to do with the batteries in the unit leaking, shorting the circuits and potentially causing overheating, smoke, flame or fire.  The risk is extremely low, but as a precaution, customers who have this thermostat are advised to remove its batteries.

Removing the batteries will not affect the thermostat’s normal functioning, but the clock will need to be reset after a power outage, as with other household appliances.

Customers are not advised to disconnect the unit, since it regulates both the heating and cooling of the home or business.  If disconnected or removed, it would need to be replaced with another thermostat.

For more information, please click on the link below for your local electricity distribution company or, if your electric utility is not listed, contact the Ontario Power Authority’s Customer Care Centre at 1-877-797-9473.

* Offer may vary by service provider.

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